Hi, my name is Haley Kim, Content Creator dedicated to inspire individuals to embrace their natural unique identities.

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In My Comfort Place

As a Korean native with a passion for beauty, I started experimenting with makeup to transform my appearance using various products. Once I learned the necessary skills, I began altering my features to look like popular Korean actresses and idols with pale skin and straight eyebrows , despite my natural appearance having arched eyebrows and tanned skin.

However, when I moved to the UK for university, I experienced a cultural shock when I saw my British friends applying fake tan to darken their skin and plucking their eyebrows to create a more arched shape. As I was settling into a completely different country with different beauty standards than Korea, I felt compelled to follow their beauty practices in order to fit in.

After spending half of my 20s trying to conform to a specific country’s beauty standards, I realized that my natural appearance remained the same regardless of where I lived. This realization prompted me to start embracing my natural features and stop using makeup to alter my appearance. Through a journey of self-love, I gained confidence in my natural self, and I now use makeup as a tool to empower myself rather than change who I am.

After learning these valuable lessons, I was inspired to share them on my channel through informative and educational content about beauty. My goal is to empower and inspire other women who may feel burdened by societal expectations or pressure to conform to specific beauty standards.

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To create a more inclusive beauty industry where everyone feels valued and celebrated.


To provide accurate information that inspires self-celebration and confidence in one's natural beauty.


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